Breiskrednosi: 1189 meters above Nærøyfjorden

Nærøyfjorden is indeed one of the most spectacular fjords of western Norway. Snowy mountains loom high above this narrow strip of greenish blue water, shedding meltwater in cascades down the sheer cliffs. The unique natural scenery combined with unlikely settlements and cultural landscape has granted this region a well earned spot on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. From Breiskrednosi, you get to experience this beautiful scenery from a unique perspective, 1189 vertical meters above the fjord.


Trip outline

After an hour’s drive from Voss, we’ve passed through the lovely Jordalen valley and reached the mountain farm called Breidalen. This is where we start our walk, following an unmarked path east towards the watershed above Nærøyfjorden. We gain altitude towards Vardane, then continue across Rimstigfjellet towards the increasingly prominent Breiskrednosi. From its top, we enjoy an unforgettable moment of airy exposure! After absorbing the magnificent view from Breiskrednosi, we head back towards Breidalen, retracing our own route.

Reasons to go

This area is wild and secluded, home to a nomadic flock of reindeer. Grouse, eagles, foxes and other wildlife are frequently encountered. The peak of Breiskrednosi offers a unique view of Nærøyfjorden. Perfect if what you want is a challenging trip above the fjords with no crowds.

Season and availability

Trips are run weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout summer. It is also possible to book this trip on a date that suits you better. Send us an email or call us for information about availability.

Physical requirements

This trip is suitable for healthy, fit people with previous mountain hiking experience.

Necessary equipment

Sturdy hiking shoes or hiking boots, waterproof clothing (shell layer), small rucksack (20 litres), an extra shirt, an extra sweater, beanie or knit cap, sunglasses, sun lotion, snacks or packed lunch, water bottle. Trekking poles are recommended.

Prices and terms

The price is NOK 1290 per person. Bookings close 24 hours prior to the announced meeting times. By booking this trip, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed upon our Terms of service and Risk and liability statement.

Included in the price:

  • An experienced guide during your whole trip.
  • A light meal of locally crafted food, including coffee or tea.
  • All necessary safety equipment

Not included in the price: External transport services. Rental of ordinary hiking equipment.

Minimum group size: 2. Maximum group size: 8. We cater for larger groups on request. Please contact us for a customized experience.

How to get to the starting point

From Voss, follow E16 towards Gudvangen. After about 40 minutes (37 km) , exit left towards Jordalen (signs). From Gudvangen, follow E16 towards Voss for about 8 km. Exit right towards Jordalen (signs). 

Immediately after exiting E16, go left. After 100m, turn right. Follow the new, winding tunnel up to Jordalen, and continue past the last farm (Nåsi). Follow the gravel road for 3.5 km. Remember to pay road toll (50 NOK in cash) at the bridge. Approximately 1hr drive total, partially on a scenic route.


Questions or enquiries

Please call us on +47 93484041 or email us at 

Breiskrednosi details

Estimated total distance: 15 km.

Total ascent: 1100 meters.

Estimated total duration: 7-8 hours round trip, including breaks.

Trip grading: Strenous. A few steep sections. Some snow fields. Exposed to inclement weather. 

Family friendly: Not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Meeting point: At the parking area near Breidalen, no later than 9 a.m.

Price: NOK 1290,- per person. 

Transport service: Yes, but limited. Please ask us about a pick-up and transport service upon booking. An additional cost of no less than NOK 150,- per person will apply.

Public transport service available: No.

Skarsnosi option

Instead of going to Breiskrednosi, we could visit Skarsnosi (1470). This means following the same path for a few kilometres, before we break off to the south. After negotiating a steep section, we follow rocky and snowy high-mountain terrain towards the top. From there, we get a marvellous view of the surrounding mountains, including a great view of the dramatic fjord landscape. Although a shorter alternative, this trip has one steep, rocky section that require some caution. 

Skarsnosi details

Estimated distance: 10 km.

Total ascent: 800 meters.

Estimated duration: 5-6 hours.

Trip grading: Strenous. A few steep sections. Some snow fields. Exposed to inclement weather. 

Family friendly: Not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Meeting point: At the parking area near Breidalen, no later than 10. a.m.

Price: Same as above.

Transport service: Same as above. 

Public transport service available: No


Photo credits: 

Espen Haagensen/


Breathtaking view from Breiskrednosi, high above the World Heritage 

Pristine mountain scenery

Patches of snow

Lovely creeks and rivers

Chance of encountering wildlife




  1. Vossevangen
  2. Mill Creek Rd.
  3. Chalet Rd.
  4. Gore Creek