Ultimate fjord hiking with Daniel

Wild Voss welcomes you on a 3 day hike of the fjords! We are ready to take you on some of the most scenic and challenging hikes of both Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden. 

View from the top of Breiskrednosi


The first train from Bergen arrives Voss at 9.05 a.m. Please note that you need to get your own train ticket. Carlos and I will meet you at the station. We'll organise our equipment and leave excess baggage at Voss Hostel before driving straight to Bakka near Gudvangen for the start of your hike to Breiskrednosi. You'll start your hike by 10.30. Your hike will take you steeply up Rimstigen towards Breiskrednosi. From there, you return towards your campsite. 

While you and Carlos are on the hike, Øystein will drive around the mountain to Breidalen and prepare your campsite for the evening. It will be fully equipped and stocked with food by the time you get there, so you don't have to carry heavy loads during your hike. There will be enough food there for your trip the next day. You get to spend a comfortable night in a tent in pristine scenery.

On Thursday your hike continues past Skarsnosi towards Bakkanosi. This is rugged high-mountain terrain, culminating with an amazing view from the top of Bakkanosi. Øystein will pick you both up near the old school of Jordalen in the afternoon. You will arrive at Voss Hostel in time for dinner. Carlos will say goodbye in the evening, as he will go on to another assignment next day.

On Friday, Øystein will pick you up bright and early at Voss Hostel. We'll go to the spectacular mountain called Oksen, which sits right where four arms of the Hardangerfjord intersect. We will be back in Voss sometime between 5 and 6 p.m on Friday. I will drop you off at Fleischer's Hotel, for a comfortable night in a historic hotel.

Price and payment
This three-day itinerary including transportation between hikes, accommodation for two nights (camping Wed-Thur, Voss Hostel Thur-Fri), field meals, camping equipment, three days of guiding and all necessary preparations will cost NOK 15000. Inside this framework you basically have your own personal guide for three full days, providing a unique and flexible way of experiencing high-end fjord hiking.

Weather forecast and expected conditions:
An updated weather forecast for Breiskrednosi (day 1) can be found here. https://www.yr.no/place/Norway/Sogn_og_Fjordane/Aurland/Breiskrednosi/?spr=eng . This forecast is representative for day 2 also. 

For day 3, here's the link for the weather forecast.

As you can see, we might expect daytime temperatures of around 8-10 degrees Centigrade on the peaks near the fjords. It's typically windy at the peaks, so if it rains, it will be rather cool. The forecasts are bound to change frequently in the days ahead. We typically don't trust them too much in the summer months, as afternoon cumulus clouds tend to generate very localized showers - hard to predict for the forcasters. 

This summer, there is very little snow left in the mountains, and it's been a rather dry summer. There will probably be some rain in the days ahead. We expect relatively good hiking conditions in the mountains, but it might be wet in sections. 

I think your small rucksack of 30 litres is big enough for your day trips. For the day hikes you ned to bring solid hiking/trekking shoes, woolen socks, woolen thermals, wind- and waterproof shell jacket with a hood, wind- and waterproof shell pants, a beanie or knit cap, gloves, a buff or a scarf, sun glasses, and a drinking bottle. An extra t-shirt and a warm sweater is also a good idea. We recommend trekking poles.

We have some extra base layer clothes available for you to borrow, if you lack some items from the list above. 

For the overnight stay in the tent, you'd want to bring your toothbrush, a light towel and a light change of clothes. We will supply the rest. If you like to bring your own equipment, please let us know. Also, don't hesitate to ask us questions about your equipment. 

We look forward to meeting you. 


Rimstigen - a steep switchback trail winding its way up from the Nærøyfjord. 
Breiskrednosi - 1189 meters above the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nærøyfjorden. 
One night in a tent in Breidalen.
Bakkanosi (1399) - a remarkable, sheer wall of rock towering high above the small settlement of Bakka, right at the road's end by Nærøyfjorden. 
Oksen (1241) - a remarkable viewpoint above 4 arms of Hardangerfjorden.